Diamond Pricing Guidelines

Pricing guidelines for diamonds are for use in the diamond industry only. The final selling price of a diamond is determined by the amount agreed upon by the willing seller and the willing buyer.

There are several price guides, all published by independent organizations. These guides are...

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Diamond Grading Pitfalls

The Grading Certificate: Grading Laboratories

There are several well-recognized grading laboratories where properly trained and qualified graders evaluate diamonds. Grading has to be done under standard conditions, taking into consideration the type, colour and quality of the light source, the...

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4 C's of grading

The value of a polished diamond is mainly determined by four factors (the so called four C’s):

  • Carat weight;
  • Colour;
  • Clarity; and
  • Cut.

The first three are reflections of how perfectly a diamond was formed, while the fourth, cut, is added during the polishing process.

The factors that...

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Treatments / Enhancements


As with clarity, carat weight and cut, colour is also an important determining factor that influences the value of a diamond. Any alteration or manipulation of these factors will obviously have effect on the price of the gemstone.

DSC 6836

What you need to know about colour...

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What you need to know about diamond simulants:
  • These can be any synthetic or natural gemstones or any other substances used as a substitute for a diamond. (e.g. cubic zirconium, glass, rock crystal).
  • Advanced techniques in the production of these fakes pose a risk to the untrained eye (and...
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